Flavorful Indian restaurant ‘curries’ diners’ appetites

Review by JOANNA LEI



Presenting a wide range of authentic Indian menu options, Curry Hut Indian Food packs big, bold flavors into a small, fast food restaurant.

Upon entering this eatery, many would not have high expectations for what they offer. The exterior is devoid of decoration, displaying only a bright orange and green logo. The inside is cramped, having only seven tables. They play Indian music to get customers to feel the authentic atmosphere, and a pleasant aroma of distinctive spices is in the air.

Not many restaurants offer taste tests, but this one does. The arrangement of the restaurant is similar to others, where customers wait in line and choose what to put into their curry bowls. Three types of combinations are offered: the one item bowl ($5.99), two-item combo ($7.99) and the three-item combo ($9.99). All the choices are served with rice, but only the combos are served with naan (flatbread) and raita (cold yogurt).  Vegetarian curries are offered, including paneer tikka masala (fresh cheese used in South Asia), vegetable korma (vegetables are braised in yogurt or cream), aloo gobi (potato and calliflower) and spinach with cheese. Some non-vegetarian curries are chicken tikka masala (chicken marinated in yogurt and spices), goat curry and tandoori chicken (chicken marinated in tandoori masala, a blend of spices, before cooking in a tandoor oven.) A tandoor is a cylindrical/metal oven used for Indian cooking.

The chicken curry bowl had basmati rice, a variety of long, slender-grained aromatic rice, and a heaping amount of chicken curry. The serving was enough for two people, and was a great deal for the price. The rice was cooked flawlessly, each grain separate from the others. The curry was oily, but had a lot of spices to wake the taste buds. The chicken curry is probably the least spicy option, so those who like heat should go with selection of the black pepper chicken.

Plain roti (whole-meal flatbread) costs $1.49 and was cooked in a barbecue clay oven. It had a crunchy exterior and chewy center that paired as a well appetizer with the chicken curry. The chicken naan, leavened bread stuffed with spiced chicken and herbs, was $3.99 and had the perfect amount of heat and spices. Chicken samosas, crispy pastries filled with minced chicken, herbs and spices, were $3.99.

Located at 8838 E. Whittier Blvd. in Pico Rivera, Curry Hut sells delicious food. It is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. More information can be found by visiting gocurryhut.com or calling (562)-821-5585.

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