Flowers represent affection, convey sentimental feelings


With their special hidden messages, flowers make lovely gifts during the springtime.Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 3.26.06 PM

In addition to being beautiful and fragrant, flowers are also unique in terms of their meaning.  Certain flowers have specific messages, as they are traditionally used to express sentiment and gestures of etiquette.

As a sign to indicate that spring is here, wild daffodils blossom during the month of March.  Their bright, yellow petals signal optimism and new beginnings, such as the new season.  In fact, the lore of the daffodils, represent the winter season’s end and a reminder of future prosperity. Giving daffodils in bunches is thought to ensure happiness, since certain legends say that giving a single bloom can foretell misfortune.

Flowers do not always have to be gifts between lovers; they can also be shared between friends.  In April, beautiful daisies sprout and spread loyalty and purity.  Even though daisies are usually picked to determine if “(S)he loves me, (s)he loves me not,” these dainty plants can be given to close friends to denote loyalty.  They are also handed between friends to signal the need to keep a secret.  Instead of saying “I will never tell,” a bunch of daisies can indicate the message.


As a celebration of love, colorful tulips bloom during May.  Each color of these flowers carries a distinct meaning.  Yellow tulips symbolize cheerful thoughts, purple tulips indicate loyalty, and scarlet tulips mean “perfect love.”  However, if a person decides to forgive someone, he or she can give the person white tulips.  If feeling extra romantic, one can gift a loved one with a bouquet of tulips to show elegance and grace.

“I think flowers are special because they represent many things, such as life and optimism, so they are very meaningful to give to people,” Lelani Corletto, historian of Green Earth Club.

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Graphic by EMILY DUONG

While gifts of flowers may seem like a small present, they are often valued with pleasant thoughts and kindness.

“Since flowers indicate innocence and purity, I think that they should be represented to show happiness,” said Alejandra Carrillo, gardening club member.

When people are at a loss for words, a bouquet of flowers may speak multiple messages.






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