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Graphic by DOROTHY LIE

While many of us go to sporting events to support our school, we need to also show pride by respecting school property, which takes both responsibility and integrity.

            Attending sporting events, such as football or basketball games, we cheer on our peers to show school spirit. However, we need to also show pride at home by taking care of our school, which can be done by respecting school property and fellow students.

We can show our respect for the school by keeping restrooms clean and not leaving food containers lying around. We should instead toss wrappers and containers into trashcans that are conveniently located in nearly every part of the school. Doing so requires us to take responsibility for our actions, and to realize that someone will not always be there to throw our trash away.

Learning to take responsibility also applies to life outside school, and this skill can improve our chances of succeeding in the future. Taking the initiative to do something and not relying on others to do it for us is a vital leadership skill.

Our school is where most of us will spend four years of our lives, and for many who are involved in sports or afterschool programs, it is a second home. Many of us have found our interests here and have made a lot of memories, so we should show we cherish them by taking pride in the school’s appearance.3

We should treat the school with respect. When we go to someone else’s house, we tend to clean up after ourselves and try to be courteous guests; the same behavior should apply at school because its appearance is a reflection of us.

Keeping our school clean will not only create a better learning environment for students but will also foster more pride in the student body and community.





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