Band of brothers


Photo by MELODY YU 


Walking out of the first lunch practice for Mr. Schurr High 2017, I only had one thought in mind: Am I really going to do this?

For most of you who do not know me, I am not your typical candidate for something like Mr. Schurr. I am not outgoing (I’m an introvert), I can’t dance (unless you consider hip swaying) and I don’t have the popularity of the other guys.

Participating in Mr. Schurr High was never in my mind, but discussions with very astute teachers persuaded me otherwise, and I set aside my pessimism and went to practice openly.

Being able to learn dance moves to “Bad and Bougee” by Migos and “Grind On Me,” was, in itself, a task that I never thought I would accomplish. I was awkward and probably not doing the right moves, but I found myself returning to the meetings and practicing primarily because of my few friends that had decided to do Mr. Schurr High.

Thinking now about how the entire night turned out (Congratulations again, Joe), nothing would have been possible if it weren’t for my friends and our pledge to help each other with our talents. From my ostentatious K-Pop performance (Thank you Mellisa!) to learning the moves for the “Cup Song,” it was our willingness to work with each other that made everything fun and enjoyable, and, in my case, a lot less nerve-wracking.

Being able to wear the crown and have the crowd cheer your name, essentially winning, is the goal for many, but throughout the process of Mr. Schurr High, there is this undeniable camaraderie that I think all the guys can agree is what contributes to the success of not only our individual performances but the program itself.

Paraphrasing what Mr. Seto said to us countless times about being part of Mr. Schurr High, everyone, including the guys, is out there trying to have a good time, and part of ensuring that comes with the supportive nature, like soldiers on the battlefield.

Despite our differences, we were all part of making the night a success. It’s because our combined efforts that each contestant had a memorable night.

The exciting and eventful experience I had as a contestant was largely due to my friends who helped me with my talent and let me participate in theirs, but another reason I enjoyed it has come from making Mr. Seto proud. It was only right that we, as the 17th group of guys to participate in Mr. Schurr High, do a good job to keep the school tradition alive.

There is no doubt that each contestant and every single audience member appreciates the work that Mr. Seto does, and for Joe to thank Mr. Seto directly in his victory speech was not only admirable but also just. Mr. Schurr High and Renaissance would not exist if it weren’t for him, and as much as all the guys supported each other, we felt an obligation to do our best for Mr. Seto.

Brotherly-type support and Mr. Seto were more than enough motivation for me to stay committed and follow through with Mr. Schurr High. I didn’t end up winning, but that wasn’t really my goal. It was a moment in my high school career that was not only different and fun, but also something I will cherish forever.






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