Strikers end with rush toward wins


Aiming to overcome their losses, the varsity and JV strikers are competing against the Bell Gardens Lancers Feb. 7 and are hoping to improve their current records of 4-1-2 and 3-1-3, respectively.

The strikers competed against the Alhambra Moors Feb. 3, but scores were unavailable at press time.



The varsity and JV Spartans dominated against the San Gabriel Matadors Jan. 31, both winning with scores of 4-0, but they lost to the Montebello Oilers Jan. 26, 4-2 and 2-1, respectively.


“Our team chemistry and the bond between each other has grown a lot. We all treat each other like brothers, and that is something we didn’t have during preseason,” said JV sophomore Richard Flores. “This is what can lead us to become a great team, once we all reach the varsity level.”

The varsity strikers were victorious against the Mark Keppel Aztecs Jan. 24 with a score of 4-0, while JV tied, 0-0. Although both teams lost to the Bell Gardens Lancers Jan. 19, 4-1 and 5-0.

  “As a team, I feel that we do very well and try our best; I feel very excited about the upcoming games and through dedication and hard work, we’ll finish this season together,” said JV Captain Josue Ramos.

Dominating the field, both varsity and JV strikers defeated the Alhambra Moors Jan. 17, both scoring 2-0, and won against the San Gabriel Matadors Jan. 12, 4-0 and 3-0, respectively. However, varsity tied the Montebello Oilers Jan. 10 with a score of 1-1 while JV lost, 2-1.

The Spartans will conclude their season with a game at Keppel against the Aztecs Feb. 9.

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