Lady strikers work for more victories


Photo by KAREN LA 


Looking forward to adding another win to their 7-0-1 record, the lady strikers will play the Bell Gardens Lancers Feb. 7 away.

The Spartans played against the Alhambra Moors yesterday and varsity tied, 1-1, while JV won, 3-0.

Both varsity and JV teams were victorious against the San Gabriel Matadors Jan. 31 with scores of 8-0 and 11-0. Varsity player Isabella Veljacic scored four goals while JV captain Julianne Asevedo scored a hat trick.

In a close match against the Montebello Oilers Jan. 26, the varsity won, 1-0, and JV also won, 2-1.

“My biggest highlight is beating everyone in our first round of league,” said Julia Rivera, varsity player. “When we played against Montebello and I was the keeper, I had a good amount of shut outs. I also had a good grip on every ball that I caught which helped us a lot in the game.”

Varsity played against the Aztecs Jan. 24 and won, 1-0. The JV team’s game was canceled due to inclement weather and will be rescheduled to Feb. 6

The varsity team emerged victorious, scoring 2-1 against the Lancers Jan. 19, but JV lost, 1-0. In a game against the Duarte Falcons Jan. 20, varsity suffered a 2-1 defeat, but JV won, 5-0.

“We’ve been trying to find a way to rise above and still perform as a whle unit. We have a lot of depth to our team and that helps us continue with confidence,” said Elizabeth Oyarzabal, varsity coach.

Both teams swept against the Moors, Jan. 17. Varsity shut them out, 7-0, while JV won, 4-0. The varsity team also won Jan. 12, against the Matadors, 4-0. The JV prevailed, 11-0. Against the Oilers Jan. 10, the varsity and JV both won with scores of 1-0 and 2-1, respectively.

“We’ve worked really hard since the beginning to be undefeated so far in season which has been a big accomplishment for us as a team,” said varsity senior Lourdes Palacios. “If we give it our all, I think we can make it farther.”

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