‘Super Mario Run’ maneuvers in different gaming platforms


From the classic Mario Brothers arcade and console games, to finally playing them on handheld devices like the 3DS, Nintendo will release “Super Mario Run Dec. 15, a video game app compatible with mobile devices, including tablets.

While carrying the similar side-scrolling gameplay that has been a key feature in many past Mario games, “Super Mario Run” will have a unique twist in controlling the character. Mario will be controlled through a variety of tapping gestures that will cause him to jump in order to maneuver through obstacles as he runs across different maps in each level.

Offering six different locations and 24 levels to play from, the game gives a variety of content, specifically in the “World Tourmode. Some of the locations in this game mode are castles, haunted houses, airships and caverns.

Another game mode featured in the app is “Toad Rally,” where players are given an opportunity to compete with friends online in an obstacle course race to see who can collect the most coins before completion.

A happy, light soundtrack is used for each map, and the tempo of music varies depending on the location. Sound effects, such as the collection of coins or obtaining a mushroom, play a techno note that is similar to that used in previous Mario games.

Image quality of the game is at a very clear and colorful level, giving players a sense of fun and energy. Animations are also very fluid, which increases the interaction with the character to make the game feel more lively.

With a new style of gaming added to the Mario Brothers franchise, players are able to download the game for free and experience it on mobile devices for the first time.


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