Bambu refreshes customers


Inspired by Vietnamese cuisine, Bambu Desserts and Drink has been providing a large variety of delicious beverages and desserts since 2008.

Upon entering the restaurant, customers are met by the very fresh and strong aroma of coconuts. The interior is decorative and clean, with a friendly atmosphere and great customer service. Ordering drinks and desserts is also convenient and efficient because of the short wait time.

Mango Dazzle, as well as Vietnamese Ice Coffee, is a recommended beverage selection, and Summer Delight is a favored dessert because it has a mix of delicious ingredients. Both the drinks and desserts are served in plastic-cup containers with a straw and spoon. In addition, two free add-ons are allowed on any order.

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Mango Dazzle can be purchased for $4.50, and is cold, slushy and has a subtle sweet taste. Blended with mango, the drink itself is smooth and also contains a sizable serving of fruit.

Vietnamese Ice Coffee is $4 and can include an additional topping of boba for free, as opposed to other locations’ Vietnamese coffees, which normally include only the beverage with ice. The Bambu coffee is very sweet and aromatic, and it also has a rich cocoa flavor. It has much better quality ingredients and aftertaste than most coffee drinks.

Summer Delight costs $5, and consists of red tapioca, mung bean, coconut milk, jello, grass jelly and pandan jelly. Because it incorporates many different ingredients, it can be considered a tasty and satisfying meal. Summer Delight is memorable because of its distinct flavor.

The drinks and desserts are quite unique and have reasonable prices, since they give plentiful servings for each order.

Bambu is located on 432 East Valley Blvd in San Gabriel. The price range is about $3-6 for each order. They are open from 12-10 p.m., Monday-Thursday and Sunday and 12-11 p.m., Friday and Saturday.

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