Letter from Santa

Dear Spartans,

I hope you have been good this year. My elves and I have been busy getting ready for the big night. With the time you have during winter break, enjoy the holiday season and remember to help others who may not be as fortunate as you.

I want you to spend a lot of time with your family. Although it may seem scary to talk to parents, remember they love you unconditionally and sincerely want to know about your activities and interests. Other ways to enjoy family time are by playing board games, going holiday shopping together, making tamales or baking those delicious cookies you leave me every year.

Besides enjoying family, a really important part of the holidays is the joy of helping others. Giving back to the community through good deeds, such as volunteering at shelters or participating in a food drive is important. Donating to those who do not have presents under their trees or those who cannot afford a delicious holiday dinner is also a great way to show care and earn a spot on my “nice list.”

Showing love and friendship to those you meet is another way of giving, and can be more important to them than presents. Remember that just because love and friendship cannot be wrapped, it does not mean they do not count. They are important gifts and just as real as things you can touch or play with.

It is also important to enjoy time by yourself to try new hobbies, like learning to play an instrument or sport. I hope the holiday does not stress you, but if it does, playing sports or learning an instrument can help to relieve it. Playing festive music for relatives and friends can be lots of fun, especially if you all join in on a song or two. (Rudolph hopes you all know his song.)

Remember to enjoy the holiday season, give to your community and remember those who are not as fortunate. Ho, ho, ho! Happy holidays!


Santa Claus

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