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Urnima Chowdhury plays her trumpet at the Arcadia Band Review.



After the support of the community, ExtremeTrailers donated a new trailer to the Spartan Legion after their previous trailer was stolen.

Almost one week after their band trailer was stolen from the campus parking lot, booster parents of the program were informed that a company in the Inland Empire was willing to donate a trailer., a company that makes custom boat trailers in Rialto, decided to donate a new trailer for the band after news of the stolen trailer was aired Nov. 4 on live television by KTLA.

“By the time we were on the bus, going to Baldwin Park for a parade, they said a company had already stepped in and was willing to donate a trailer,” said Antonio Castro, band director.

The donation came soon after KTLA news anchor Chris Burrous offered to send a live news truck, as well as give publicity, to any individual willing to donate a new trailer to the band after the story was re-aired the following morning.

“I wasn’t expecting it. To see how much the community gave back and cared about us is a really good feeling,” said Leslie Ruiz-Caro, band council president.

Based on specifications of the previous trailer, which is used to carry the percussion equipment and the band golf cart to competitions, the new trailer will be approximately 20 feet wide and have a four-foot ramp. will be making and manufacturing the trailer, and it is set to be delivered in the coming weeks.

In addition to the donated trailer, the band has also decided to purchase an enclosed trailer from a company in Simi Valley with the funds received from the GoFundMe page that was created Nov. 2.

“We had already made plans before the company in Rialto offered to donate, to go with an enclosed trailer,” said Castro. “After Rialto, I went all the way to Simi Valley and talked to someone willing to work with us and who understands our situation.”

The original trailer is believed to have been stolen Oct. 28. It was noticed by Castro as the band was practicing their parade march for competition the following day.

“As we were marching on the parade route, I looked over and noticed the trailer wasn’t there,” said Castro.

Security measures on the trailer include a tongue lock and a latch lock that prevents the tongue lock from being unlocked. Booster parents had made a report to Montebello Police Department after the trailer was stolen.

The following day, a booster parent had found out the trailer was sold on Offerup, a mobile-only hybrid between Craigslist and eBay, according to

“It was a big shock because we didn’t expect it. We weren’t expecting to be robbed,” said Samantha Molina, senior. “How can somebody do that when they don’t even know what it is used for?”

The GoFundMe page was created by the booster parents and within two days of the page going live, the band had accumulated over $6,000, passing their goal. As of Nov. 11, the band has received over $7,500 from previous band members, anonymous donors and even other school band programs.

“I was amazed. It blew my mind how much money we made and how much support we have in the community,” said Andres Flores, sophomore.

The current whereabouts of the stolen trailer is still unknown, but it is believed to have been found by Anaheim police. However, no confirmation can be made at this time.

To donate to the Spartan Legion, visit their GoFundMe page at:

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