Rally to recognize and inspire students


Renaissance’s fall rally to honor academic achievement will be held in Byers Gymnasium Nov. 18 for all students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Renaissance rallies are held annually during fall and spring to encourage students to do better in school. They also recognize staff members and students for their efforts and achievements.


Photo by KAREN LA 

I think that students should push themselves to reach their full potential; they need to realize their efforts will pay off in the future. The rallies are a chance for us to celebrate great things we have going on in Schurr High School, and students should be part of that,” said Kenneth Seto, Renaissance adviser.

Renaissance collaborates with groups such as Musicians United, dance, band and other performers to incorporate their “Spartan Live” theme into their presentation. Renaissance members also star in skits that will be performed during the rally, which were inspired by late night talk shows such as Jimmy Kimmel.

Byers Gymnasium will be decorated with posters that portray the theme. Additionally, there will also be posters around campus with the names of outstanding students and teachers.

It [being rewarded with the renaissance rally] helps you strive for a better GPA. It makes you look forward to the reward that you get,” said Mariam Perez, sophomore.

Teachers will give slips, which serve as passes, to students who have qualified for the Renaissance Rally. Freshmen and sophomores will attend during second period, while juniors and seniors will be attending during third period.

Students who improve their GPA by 0.33 or maintain a 2.5 will be able to go next semester. 


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