FOOTBALL FINISH: JV, freshmen teams prepare to end league season strong




Hoping to end their season strong, the JV gridders will face the Alhambra Moors Nov. 3 in an away game, while the frosh play on home turf.

The JV gridders were triumphant against the Bell Gardens Lancers Oct. 27 winning 14-8.

We’ve become more dedicated and got our head in the game. We have to know what we’re doing and stay disciplined. I feel like together as a team we got each others’ backs. These guys are like my family and I play for them,” said Anthony Cobian, sophomore.

The Spartans competed against the Mayfair Monsoons Oct. 20 and lost. They also lost to the Oilers Oct. 13, 43-7.

The team’s coaches stay optimistic by focusing on the players’ growth.

“To improve is to win and play the whole game together as a team. I want to see them continue to improve playing the game and do their job by playing all aspects of the game,” said Ryan Castro, JV coach. “Before, they weren’t talking in the field; now they are, and it shows. That’s the biggest growth I’ve seen.”

When the Mark Keppel Aztecs forfeited their game Oct. 6, the JV gridders defeated the Salesian Mustangs, 22-18, but were beaten Sept. 29 by the Whittier Cardinals, 20-7.

The freshmen were victorious against the Lancers Oct. 27, 22-20, and defeated the San Gabriel Matadors Oct. 20, 28-6.

They faced the Oilers Oct. 13 and lost, 40-0. They beat the Aztecs, 33-14, Oct. 6, but lost to the Cardinals, 49-21, Sept. 29.

“We’re more aggressive and we’re more of a team now. Everyone’s been happier and we learned to keep on trying and never give up. It felt great to win [against San Gabriel]. It makes us want to get that feeling again, so we’ll play harder for the next game,” said Ryas Avila, freshman.

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