Tribute band captivates audience


Paying homage to The Beatles, alumnus Ruben Amaya shares his great passion for performing around the world in the tribute band Britain’s Finest, where he stars as John Lennon.

Britain’s Finest is a Hollywood based band dedicated to recreating the iconic Beatles image, along with producing works in their style with a contemporary element.

After transferring to Schurr his junior year in 2012, Amaya formed his own Beatles tribute band with a group of students where he also role-played as John Lennon. However, after his graduation the summer of 2014, Amaya would go from just being a fan of Britain’s Finest to the understudy of “John Lennon.”

During his time as an understudy, not only did Amaya’s musical skills increase, but his appreciation for The Beatles’ style of music grew as well.


Photo by CELINE PHU 

Their messages were always very simple and immaculate,” explained Amaya, “but their music is much more complex to perform and play.”

One of Amaya’s favorite pieces by The Beatles is “A Day in the Life,” as he is drawn to its very unique ambiguity.

From a very adolescent age Amaya knew he wanted to be in the limelight.

I was 5 when I first knew that I wanted to be in the entertainment business,” recalled Amaya. “I’m very lucky to have parents and family members who were always very supportive.”

Amaya advises any rising musician to “jump in headfirst” along with continuing to hone their playing and writing skills, as he did.

Ruben really is dedicated to whatever he undertakes,” commented Britain’s Finest’s press agent Anita Pederson.

Representing the United States, Britain’s Finest was invited to Liverpool, England, the origin of The Beatles themselves, during the International Beatleweek Festival in August. With 70 bands from 30 different countries, 700 individual shows were held during the celebration. He said of his experience, “I’m still trying to wrap my head around that; it’s something that is very incredible.”

Continuing their tour, Britain’s Finest will appear tomorrow at Olde Ship British Pub in Santa Ana and at Heritage Park in Santa Fe Springs Sept. 23. More information about tour dates and times can found on their website

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