Guest perspective: Brittany Phan

To all my Spartans, this is our year, the year that will be positively unforgettable.

For this school year, there are many exciting plans that are ahead of us. Though, first, on a more serious note, I want to make sure that we are all on track with our academics. In order to make this year unbelievably great, I believe that we need to work in unison.

With all the fun activities that will soon be rolling around, we need to remember the importance in maintaining our GPA. With your aid, this school year will be a success both in and out of class. This goes to every freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. We want to show the best inner self we can be, and it all starts here.

Then, it is finally our time to show what Schurr High’s school spirit is all about, starting with our Friday Night Lights, where our varsity football team runs the field. Let’s begin a new movement this year and start a drive by being the best Spartan fanatics out there, through all the ups and all the downs, with continuous love and support.

Adding on, Club Rush was a success this past week, and I hope to see a lot more future leaders for our campus. Most of the clubs will be hosting a booth during homecoming, Oct. 21, so please be sure to stop by and enjoy the amazing things at school. I will promise to give everything my all, no matter what it takes to make this year special, but in return, I’m hoping to see a great response by maintaining our grades and always carrying our Spartan love everywhere we go.

Let’s continue what we’ve been doing and wait for all that is to come. It will be remarkable. Keep up the ambition!

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