Retiring teachers share perspectives

Photos courtesy of Sanford Studios


After teaching at Schurr for two decades or more, Margarita Donato, Elizabeth Kato and Casey O’Gorman are retiring to pursue other dreams.

Donato has been at Schurr for 20 years and has taught numerous subjects, such as world history, U.S. history and drivers education. She plans to travel around the world after her retirement and spend more time with her family.

“I feel bittersweet about my retirement, more sweet than bitter of course. I would say I am leaving with very good memories. I think I will finally feel like I am in retirement when school starts next year,” said Donato. “When I first started teaching, I felt nervous and excited. It worked out well, though, as my colleagues were very open. I also plan to start making history of my own now.”

Kato has taught at Schurr for 30 years and appreciates its diversity, which she believes should be celebrated more. She has taught plentiful class subjects, including world history and U.S history.

“I feel bittersweet about leaving and will surely miss everyone. I plan to take my time and not live my life by bells anymore,” said Kato. “When I first started teaching, I thought about how Schurr was where I wanted to be for a long time. The thing I will miss will be how much I learn from the students.”

O’ Gorman has taught at Schurr for 39 years and has been a patrolman for 35 years. After the school year ends, he plans to move to the Detective Bureau.

“It’s kind of scary to be retiring because it will be such a big change,” said O’Gorman. “My plan after the school year ends will be to work full-time as an officer for the Detective Bureau. What I love most about teaching are the kids. Every year the group of kids change; it has been a good career in general.”

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