Pathways classes complete projects



Throughout the school year, students in Metal Shop, Engineering Club, Engineering Pathways and the Global Business & Logistics Pathways have been completing projects that showcase skills they have learned in these courses.

Students interested in engineering and robotics have also been participating in Lego Mindstorm’s Robotics Workshop sponsored by Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas. Students participating in the workshop will work in teams of four and will design and build a robot that will have to be ready by June 10 when it will be judged.

“I thought that joining the workshop was a good chance to expand my views on engineering and to be able to interact with my classmates and pathway,” said sophomore Kate De La Mora.

Students in Metal Shop and Senior Portfolio, taught by Jeff Wallace, built the ‘Giant S’, presented during the Renaissance Rally June 3. The project was started last school year and cost $2,000, which was donated by USB and Pathways funds.

“I think it’s cool that something I’ve helped create will be able to stay at this school way after I’m gone, “ said Andrew Valdes, senior.

Metal Shop and Senior Portfolio students also installed handrails by the speedline and skateboard racks at the front of the school.

“I believe this year’s students showed excellent leadership skills and worked very well together to complete all projects,” said Wallace.

Students in the Engineering Pathways and Engineering Club, taught and advised by Bill Schultheis, built an LED marquee that was also showcased during the Renaissance Rally.

The Freshman Global Business & Logistics Pathway class taught by Lupita Reynoso, Jolene Sekijima and Kenneth Seto assigned a project that asked them to come up with their own company and products. The students marketed their products to classmates and teachers.

The class raised over $1,000 in profit, which went to the program and was donated to clubs on campus, such as Girls League, Tom’s Club and Engineering Club.

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