New skateboard racks installed



Intended to prevent theft and provide greater protection for property, skateboard racks have been created and installed at the front of the school, next to the cafeteria.

“The reason in having skate racks was to give the students a secure and safe place to store their skateboards,” said Dr. Phillip Nolasco, assistant principal. “We are looking to have a safe environment so that students can attend school, reassured that their skateboards are safe.”

The two skateboard racks have been placed next to the bicycle racks, which are located in front of the cafeteria. They hold up to 60 skateboards, which can be kept safe with a padlock to be provided by the students.

Prior to the installation of the racks, students resorted to carrying or riding the skateboards during school hours, which is against campus policy and often resulted in the skateboard being confiscated, according to Nolasco.

The project, taken on by teacher Jeff Wallace and his metal shop students at the beginning of October, was hand-crafted as part of a class project.

“Working on the project allows the students to define a problem within the school, do research, design and develop a skateboard rack for real world applications,” said Wallace. “It’s something they can take from a concept to reality for something that is now in use by students within the school.”

In addition, metal shop students were able to practice practical skills, such as welding and riveting.

“Although it was a lot of work, it was fun to do. I helped to set up the rings on the rack by making sure they were the same distance apart and did some of the drilling that holds the rack up,” said senior Antonio Gomez.

After galvanization, the process of coating with zinc to prevent rusting, was completed during winter vacation, the skateboard racks will last several years without major damage or rust caused by wind or rain.

“I use my skateboard to get to school, but finding a place to keep it safe is hard because I am afraid someone will steal it,” said sophomore Eddie Loquellano. “There was previously no way to store skateboards safely, but luckily the skateboard racks will solve these issues.”

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