Drama presents ‘Aladdin’


Presenting a 1980s spinoff on a Disney classic, drama class members will perform “Aladdin: The Prince of Thieves,” May 11 and 13 at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. respectively, in the auditorium.

The students, about 150 in total, have been arranging the production for 13 weeks, since the beginning of February.

The technical theatre crew, composed of 90 students, has been involved with all the technical aspects and development of the production. They learned how to use the technology available and implement it into producing the lighting, sound, stage design, props, costume, makeup, multimedia and marketing.

“As opposed to our last production, we’re trying to make the play stand out with more technical aspects, such as special lighting and smog,” said senior Jimmy Sedano, student technical director, “A lot of music and media will be used to relate to the 1980’s theme so we can create a more realistic and visually stunning appearance that will engulf the audience into the play.”

The incorporation of a 1980s theme has been in discussion since the beginning of the year, but could not be executed through Romeo and Juliet, the first play of this year. This newproduction will be a rendition that revolves around 80s inspired costumes, makeup and music set in an unknown Middle Eastern country.

“We always like to have an overlaying theme when producing a play, and I wanted to try something that we have not done yet,” said Daniel Gonzalez, drama teacher and director of the play, “Ryan Long is a unique individual who inspired me to do an avant-garde Aladdin; we wanted this twist to include a spunky, colorful character who can sing.”

Leonardo Berumen will play the role of the Sultan, Edward Holguin will play Jafar, Long will play Aladdin and the role of Jasmine has been double-cast to Summer Rodriguez and Aria Valdez.

“Everyone is putting their best into the play, and it’s going to be exciting when we see the play come together as a whole,” said Rodriguez, senior and vice president of drama. “I want more attention to be drawn to this play and have as many people as we can to see all the effort and work that the actors and technical crew put in to make a production this huge.”

Tickets are available for $6 presale in Room M-1 or from any student involved with the production. They will be $7 at the door.

Children ages 4 and under will not be admitted.

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