Groups host campus blood drive



United Student Body (USB) will collaborate with the American Red Cross Club on campus to host this year’s first blood drive March 22 in the small gym.

Students’ eligibility to donate will be based on the donor’s weight according to height, age of at least 16 and written permission to donate blood from parents or guardians.

“Last year was the first time I donated, but once I found out that my blood went to a little boy in need in a hospital, I was inspired to donate once again this year,” said junior Lizbeth Yerena.

On the day of the drive, donors will be asked specific questions about their health history, travel and habits. The questions asked are designed to protect the safety of the donor and blood recipient.

“I want to donate blood because I’m finally old enough to, and I believe in good karma,” said junior Luis Castanon. “I don’t expect anything in return, but if I ever need to get blood transfused, I know I’ll feel better about the fact that I have donated before, even if it is just this once.”

Students interested in donating can sign up at the Student Store, where they can pick up a consent form that must be signed by both the student and parent or guardian and returned the day of the drive.

“I’ve decided to donate blood because I feel that by doing so, I can help in saving a life or even lives, “ said senior Jodie Tran. “Giving back makes me feel good inside, and I hope to continue to donate blood.”

Appointments can be made at the Student Store, allowing donors to choose the hour they will be called.

“Students need to be presented with an avenue where they have to give, rather than them thinking about what they can get,” said Peter Murashige, activities director. “Students should be thinking of others rather than themselves; there’s a shortage of blood, and donating is never wrong.”

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