Winter Guard participates in annual show



After months of preparation for the annual Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC) show, the team will perform in Arcadia High School’s gym tomorrow at 11:41 a.m.

All 18 members of Winter Guard will perform in competition against six other high schools in their round (level), including Gladstone High School, John Burroughs High School, Montebello High School, North High School, Oceanview High School and San Dimas High School.

Students will be scored on a 100-point scale based on several criteria, such as: movement, equipment, design analysis(overall performance and its relation to the music) and general effect (creativity and presentation of skills).

“My expectations are just to have a great show. It’s not about the numbers or the scores, but to see what their weaknesses are and how they can improve over time,” said Ulysses Gaxiola, Color Guard director.

“It’s not just about movement and footwork, but also your facial expressions and your skill with the rifle, flag or saber,” said sophomore Leighla Carbajal. “When I practice, I take the movements slowly and try to put more emotion into it so all the movements fit where they’re supposed to.

Although auditions for Winter Guard were held several months ago, members have been practicing and perfecting their pieces since December. Tomorrow they will perform to “Autumn Leaves” by Eva Cassidy.

“I want everybody to be able to play and perform their roles just like the music says, but give everyone in the audience goose bumps while doing it. Even if we may not be able to do it, we’re still going to do the best we can,” said Samantha Molina, Color Guard captain.

Previously, Winter Guard scored 67.13 at the LA/Ventura Invitational, earning them 5th place. The show was held at Azusa High School March 5.

“We’ve made a lot of changes to our show to improve from our earlier score. Hopefully, the judges see our improvements and we score more points on general design and design analysis,” said Gaxiola.

Winter Guard differs from Color Guard in that the production is held indoors and performed to a recorded piece of music, rather than at an outdoor showcase to a live orchestra, band or percussion. However, in both Guard seasons, members are judged on the same standards and utilize flags, sabers and rifles.


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