Swimmers working to continue winning ways through league



Preparing for the beginning of their league season against the Gabrielino Eagles March 23, the Spartan swimmers have competed against Cathedral Phantoms and Ramona Rams March 4, Pasadena Bulldogs March 10, and Gahr Gladiators March 17.

The varsity girls defeated the Rams, 130-35, while the varsity boys beat the Phantoms, 87-85, on March 4. Both varsity girls and boys also beat the Bulldogs, 11-59 and 94-61, respectively, and swept the Gladiators, 95-13 and 87-81.

“I hope this year that all levels of the swim team can beat the Montebello Oilers again, and that we’re able to accomplish getting our determined swimmers to qualify for CIF. In order to do that, we just need the whole team to work to their limit during practice, improve their endurance and get faster so that this season can be great,” said  David Argumosa head swim coach.

Varsity girls and boys both practice at 6:40 a.m. every day that there is not swim meet during the week, and then during sixth period.

“Although practice here is way different from my club practices, I would definitely say that we’re more encouraged here by our team and are more focused to do better during a meet because we’re not just representing our team, but we’re also representing our school. What also makes it different is that our team here is constantly surrounded by good vibes which makes us less nervous,” said Wendy Gamboa varsity freshman.

The JV girls defeated the Rams, 120-32; the JV boys dominated the Phantoms, 79-47, at home on March 4. The JV girls also swept the Bulldogs, 73-36, but the JV boys took a loss against the Bulldogs, 67-57, home on March 10. Both JV teams beat the Gladiators, 86-68, and 113-35, respectively, at yesterday’s home meet.

The JV girls and boys practice during sixth period by alternating between land workouts and swimming. They also practice after school until 4 p.m. during the week.

“Our team is great at encouraging everyone before and during a swim meet that helps everyone get focused into their zone. Although practice can be tiring at times, you can tell that everyone is working their hardest. We’re on track of winning league this season,” said JV sophomore Kirsten Kojima.

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