Ramos provides inspiration for pathways students

Photo courtesy of CRYSTAL HUANG 


Considering Pathways as a means of self-improvement and preparation for her future career, senior Rosaly Ramos spoke of her experience in the Engineering Program at the Pathways Choice Fair Feb. 10.

The Pathways Fair includes all the different pathways in the Montebello Unified School District to showcase the projects they have completed this year.

“At the Pathways Choice Fair, I spoke to eighth graders about the different things they should expect from the engineering and design pathways at our school,” said Ramos.

“I also showed them different projects they can expect to participate in if they do join the pathways program.”

Ramos has been in Pathways for engineering and design for four years, having joined at the beginning of her freshman year.
Pathways allows students to learn more from hands-on experiences through different types of projects, including group and individual work, that they are assigned to.

“I love Pathways; it has helped me decide what career path I wanted to follow,” said Ramos. “I’ve gotten close to some teachers as well. It has definitely helped in terms of college, and I feel like I now have the upper hand when I do begin college because I will have a base knowledge and understanding of engineering.”rosaly11

Besides participating in the Pathways program, Ramos has also taken part in the school’s marching band during her sophomore year, speech and debate in her junior year, Engineering Club for the past two years and the Students for the Environment Club beginning this year.

From her extra-curricular activities and classes, Ramos believes everything she has done so far has helped her in one way or another to prepare for her future.

“ I believe everyone should take advantage of the opportunities given to them. In Pathways, there are many community service and public speaking opportunities. Take advantage of them all, even if they make you feel uncomfortable sometimes. Even the people who are not in Pathways should take initiative and do things outside of their comfort zone.” said Ramos.


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