Fighters coming your way



With a strong start, “Street Fighter V” continues to keep the well-known Street Fighter series alive with help from old-school players and newcomers.

Developed by Capcom and Dimps, “Street Fighter V,” is the fifth main installment in the Street Fighter franchise of video games. This instalment brings a total of 16 fighters with returning ones like Ryu, the eternal wanderer who is training to become the best fighter, and Ken, Ryu’s old rival and friend who strives to become the strongest. Despite their recurring appearances, the old fighters still feel new because of their reborn designs and play-styles, which make players want to know how their favorite fighter has changed.

Four new fighters have been added to the game: Necalli, the ‘Emissary of the Gods’ who consumes the souls of strong warriors, Rashid, the eldest son of an old Middle Eastern family, Laura, a Brazilian fighter who uses the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and F.A.N.G, the self-proclaimed second in command of Shadaloo, a very powerful and deadly criminal organization led by M. Bison. What make these new fighters interesting is their back stories. For example, Rashid is searching for his missing friend who has been kidnapped by M. Bison and Shadaloo; he has an obsession with the technology and is capable of producing small tornadoes. More fighters are expected to be added to the game throughout the year through digital download releases.

The newest installment brings features that previous games in the franchise do not have. Among these are tutorial mode, in which one plays as a young Ryu in order to get a sense how the game works. This mode is essential for new players, as they are able to learn how to play the game. The story mode, where players see each character’s back story, is very complicated because of its complex storyline and how it connects characters’ storylines with those of others. Another addition to the game is survival mode, where players can test their skills in a series of challenges that will get tougher as the player progresses.

What makes “Street Fighter V” distinguishable from its predecessor, “Street Fighter IV,” is its accessibility to more players from around the globe. In “Street Fighter IV,” players needed to learn difficult strategies to damage their opponent in order to play successfully.

In “Street Fighter V,” the game is shifted more toward requiring the fundamentals of fighting games rather than using technical skill, thus making it more accessible to new players. Nevertheless, players can enjoy the game whether they want to improve their skill or engage in a casual approach.

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