Cheer, Drill participate in SHARP International



Drill team will compete in the SHARP International competition at Rosemead High School tomorrow while Cheer will compete at Claremont High School March 12, marking their last competition before Nationals.

“Our cheer competition team has been competing since December, so this upcoming competition will be our last chance of perfecting our routine before we do the real deal at Nationals next month at Anaheim,” said Tanya Borba, varsity cheer head coach.

The two cheer teams competing this year are varsity and JV, since many pep squad members opted out of doing the Song category, therefore eliminating the Song team this year. Both teams have been preparing since the beginning of September.

“I feel we are well prepared because we’ve been practicing a lot and putting in work in everything we do, in order to help us get through those two minutes and 30 seconds of our routine. All I can hope is that we give it our all at Nationals and do as best as we can and win,” said Brittney Ultreras, varsity cheer captain.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.59.39 PMDrill team will launch their competition season tomorrow, at Rosemead High School in the category Military/Drill.

The team practices every day before school and during first period, as well as after school twice a week. They started practice for competition in mid-January.

“Everyone on the team is capable of accomplishing a successful performance, as long as they work hard and stay focused, but there’s always room for more improvement as they go from one competition to another,” said Veronica Aranda, head drill coach.

Drill team hopes to remain undefeated all season and come in first place, just as they did last season.

“I hope we become undefeated once more during SHARP season. It’s time for us to go into our competition zone, do our best and win over the judges and crowd,” said Co-Captain Elena Salcedo.


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