Construction projects continue on campus



Students can look forward to many campus construction projects being completed during this semester.

Blue placards with room numbers were added alongside doorways of each classroom during Winter Break. If the classroom contains a fire extinguisher, that note is displayed under the classroom number. Placards have also been placed at the top of stairways and the entrance to hallways.

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Science classes with lab stations and drinking fountains have also been modified or are currently under construction to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

“Right now, I would say that construction is about 70 percent complete,” said Rene Muñoz, plant supervisor. “All construction projects are still expected to be complete by the end of the school year.”

Construction in C-Building restrooms has been completed; A, B, C and X-Building restrooms are open to use during school hours, with the exception of the B-Building girls restroom, which has started construction after gaining approval regarding height guidelines. Construction on the B-Building boys restroom is also expected to begin before the end of the school year.

“All construction we’re doing is to modernize our buildings and facilities. We’re building elevators, lab stations and putting in stalls so that everything is ADA compliant,” said Dr. Phillip Nolasco, assistant principal. “The district office is also working with the fire alarm company so that they are programmed properly.”

The B-Building elevator construction has been put on standby and will resume construction when measurements have been approved and meet California Department of Industrial Relations regulations.

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Ken Davis Field construction has progressed and is expected to be finished by June or July.

“It’s coming along slower than I would like. It’s a beautiful field, and we’re excited to get to it soon because it has been creating problems for us since we have to travel for all our soccer games and home games,” said Athletic Director William Drulias.

Electricity in the Main Office and Counselors’ Office is also expected to be repaired during Spring Break so that the generator currently being used will no longer be needed.

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