New ROP semester offers students vocational classes


As the new Regional Occupation Program (ROP) semester approaches, students are offered classes to prepare them for future jobs.

Classes, such as Retail Sales Marketing, Financial Services, Professional Dance, Electronics Technology and Engineering Technology are scheduled.

Spring ROP classes will begin Feb. 1, and dates will vary with each class. Juniors and seniors who are 16 are eligible to take the classes.

“The ROP classes are really fun and I really like it as it sets you on a path to a specific career. It definitely gives you a lot of experience as it is more engaging and definitely a lot more insight on specific things like robotics that you would have never thought of,” said Kristian Ibarra, electronics technology student.

Not only do the ROP classes offer specific programs leading to careers, but many of the classes like Engineering Technology focus on what the student wants specifically.

“I try to cater to every students’ needs, whether it’s teaching robotics or engineering. I also lay a foundation of electronics for them, so they can succeed in their areas. For example, some students want to build computers, robots, electric guitars or house wiring,” said Garth Kline, electronics technology teacher.

Students who take ROP classes and attend all class dates will receive five high school credits.

“It is a fun class that is really hands on and really effective because when I joined, I clueless, but I was easily taught about everything like what tools we use, how to use them properly, the safety behind everything and the functions of engineering tasks. On top of that, it was very fun for me to learn because I was also always into engineering,” said Maia Layo, engineering technology student.

In addition, the ROP classes give the experience for students to be able to do things that are more hands-on and more interactive than regular high school curriculum classes. The classes are also helpful to students who want to apply for a job, since they are able to gain the experience beforehand.

“It gives kids an exposure to things they haven’t thought about. I think that an opportunity to make up credits and go to a class that can interest a student is a win-win,” said Assistant Principal Constantino Duarte.

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