Fashions forecasts for El Niño

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Because clouds are predicted to loom overhead as rain pours from the sky into humid atmosphere, the upcoming El Niño season calls for rain-proof gear.

El Niño, which is Spanish for “little boy,” is a climate phenomenon which leads to disrupted weather conditions, according to the article “El Niño explained” by Bianna Golofryga.

During this time, a shift in distribution of warm water in the Pacific Ocean leads to high sea levels, heavy rain, storms and warmer-than-average temperatures over the western and northern United States, according to

As water heats, it expands and causes sea levels to rise.

Higher sea levels cause shoreline erosion and powerful storm surges.

During El Niño, conditions are not only rainy but also humid. Heavy rain accompanied by humidity brings the need for appropriate clothing.

People may want to avoid wearing cotton fabric and reach for a nylon fabric material, since cotton absorbs 25 times its weight in water and nylon about 10 percent of its weight, according to

Capture2In rainy and humid weather, I would wear a thick sweater, a thick pair of pants, gloves to keep hands warm and my signature warm Russian hat,” said Michael Tabera, junior.

For legwear, it may be prudent to avoid pants and jeans made of denim material, which is known to be 100 percent cotton.

Sitting in class with soaked jeans which do not dry quickly is uncomfortable.

Footwear is also in need of attention with gargantuan puddles likely during rainy weather. In order to stay dry, one may need a pair of waterproof rain boots.

In the winter, I would expect it to be rainy and cold, but since it is predicted to be humid and rainy, I would wear a sweater, rain boots and pants,” said Alondra Anaya, senior.

For outerwear, waterproof jackets, such as many windbreakers, are suited to the rainy season.

Besides having appropriate rainy weather clothing, being caught outside with no umbrella may not be a favorable way to start the El Niño season.

El Niño weather is like the Philippines, where shorts, loose shirts and light jackets were sufficient enough to get me through the day,” said Ella Dario, sophomore.

Though it occurs every two to seven years and is accompanied with heavy rainfall, El Niño will bring California only minor drought relief, according to the article “Winter 2015-2016 Outlook: 5 Things to Expect” on

To help ease the California drought, residents should continue their water conserving ways, even through the rainy days.

With El Niño season about to commence, residents will want to wear waterproof material clothing, adequate foot wear and have an umbrella to face the looming clouds and raindrops outside.

I may like the rain but not so much humidity,” said Dario, “To those who have never experienced it, gear up with suitable clothing and hope for the best.”

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