Students should pursue extracurricular activities


Though there are many opportunities to be found in extracurricular activities in high school, they should not be disregarded or taken without passion, as they will allow students to better themselves in more ways than just on a college transcript or in social cliques.

Extracurriculars can play a beneficial role in college applications determining whether or not an admission officers chooses a student or not according to Colleges aim to admit classes that are diverse, intelligent and passionate, and grades can only show so much. Extracurriculars serve as a secondary criteria, showing a student’s personality. Participating in extracurriculars that relate to the major or sport a student plans to take in college can show a student’s determination or interests while also displaying maturity, especially if a student takes on a leadership position. This, along with a student’s personal statement and recommendations, can give an admissions officer insight about a student’s character.

However, because of this advantage in the application process, many students decide to pad their applications with as many extracurriculars as they can and never participate fully in any of them. Others only join extracurriculars that their friends take and put no effort or passion into activities, as all they want to do is socialize with their friends. Students are often pressured by their peers and friends to take extracurriculars that they would not take otherwise. Although participating in the same activities as one’s friends is not bad, students should not be close-minded to other extracurriculars. This can be very detrimental to the a club’s well-being, since time will be wasted socializing with friends rather than working on activities and events that would contribute to the extracurricular’s goals.

Those who do not take clubs seriously harm not only the extracurricular, club or group, but also the one who takes it. Extracurriculars give many opportunities beyond just gaining community service hours or having the extra class on one’s transcript. Learning to go outside one’s comfort zone is something that can only be discovered by trying new things. Not only will this teach an invaluable lesson in life, but it can also lead to new friends, interests and strengths. Meeting new people also exposes students to a different atmosphere, full of new new perspectives and ideas that one would not get from the classroom.

While joining extracurriculars will help with college applications, one must remember that it serves a greater purpose. It builds an attitude of willingness to try new things that could last throughout one’s life.

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