Fusion dance studio offers lessons, renting space

Photo courtesy of DANCEDIRECT.COM


Offering an affordable assortment of dance classes, FUSION Performing Dance Academy (FPDA) teaches a variety of dance styles including hip hop, ballet and modern.

Classes are organized by age level, ranging from 4-year-old children to adults. Pre-dance classes are offered only to children (ages 4-7) for $5. Zumba is taught for $3. All other available classes are priced for $6. However, when paying for multiple classes in advance, discounts may be offered.

Lessons are offered Monday through Friday, presented in hour-long sessions. A full schedule is available online at fpdacademy.org.

The main instructor and founder of FUSION, Albertossy Espinoza, was unable to attend dance lessons as a child and did not realize his passion until college. With the dream to “build a home for dance enthusiasts,” Espinoza wishes to provide dancers of all skill levels an environment to refine their skills despite their financial situation.

”It was a good experience that made me more aware of my body movements because I actually had mirrors to help us look at what I was doing,” said senior Teresa Wong, who had her first hip-hop class at FUSION. “It reminded me of the time that I once danced and performed and how much I had missed dancing.”

Monday hip hop classes are headed by dancer and choreographer Kassy Francis, where first-time students are offered a free ‘trial’ lesson.

“[For those hesitant to take a class,] I would tell them to go for it,” said senior Briana Robles, a participant in Francis’s class. “No one is there to judge or look at you; they’re there to better themselves.”

The studio includes fans, speakers and mirrors. With 1,320 square feet of sprung dance flooring, the available area is 24’ by 55’.

“I was amazed and speechless. I felt like a professional dancer and it was a dream come true to be in a dance studio with mirrors all around and to actually see myself,” said alumna Tasfia Rahman, recalling her first impression of the dance studio.

FUSION is located at 1206 Goodrich Blvd., Commerce and is also available for rental on weekends for events such as parties, filming or personal classes for $35 an hour. For monthly rentals or nonprofit activities, the space is offered for $25 an hour. Rental information is available on fpdacademy.org

“A studio makes you feel a different type of way,” said junior Jacy Maury. “You actually feel the energy of dancing there.”

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