Arregui returns as new principal



After serving for two years as principal of Macy Intermediate, Francisco Arregui has returned to Schurr High School as principal.

“It feels great to be back at Schurr. I started my career here,” said Arregui.

Arregui was assistant principal at Schurr for two years, and served as the school’s intervention facilitator, or project director, for one year. Previous to this, Arregui was a math teacher and a substitute teacher. He also served in the Marines concurrently for 12 years, on a helicopter squadron.

Arregui graduated from Banning High School in the Los Angeles Unified School District, and received a B.A. in Business Administration at USC. He also received a M.A. in Educational Leadership from Cal Poly Pomona.

“My advice [to all students] is to come to school every day, prepared, and try your best every single day,” Arregui said. “One of my favorite things about coming back to the high school is seeing the seniors at the end of their high school career: seeing their satisfaction of finishing and going on to higher education and their career goals.”

Arregui has set a major goal of his own. “What we are aspiring to do is to walk into a classroom and see every teacher teaching and every student learning, every single day. We have to continue to move forward in this collaborative process that teachers and students take part in, using data analysis [to analyze learning],” he said.

Ultimately, Arregui hopes to boost and promote Schurr’s image. “We have great programs here, and I want our district to know all the success we have. I want everyone to know about Schurr, increase the visibility of our school and have greater community involvement,” he said.


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