“The Martian” to land in theaters

Photo courtesy of FOXMOVIES.COM


With a unique storyline, “The Martian” promises to be an enjoyable film for Sci-Fi enthusiasts and moviegoers alike.

Based on Andy Weir’s 2011 novel, The Martian, the film is about a team of astronauts, known as Ares Three, on a mission to explore Mars. When a massive storm cuts their mission short, the team abandons Mars and reluctantly leaves Mark Watney (Matt Damon, “Interstellar” and “Contagion”) behind, as he is presumed dead.

Watney wakes up in disbelief and realizes that he has to survive alone on Mars, a planet where nothing grows. Utilizing his skills as a botanist, Watney stays alive by plowing a field of dirt and planting potatoes inside his shelter.

Damon’s believable acting convinces the audience that he is stranded alone on Mars. His ability to play a solitary character in an uninhabited planet and hold the audience is an amazing combination.

With equipment left to him, Watney sends out a distress signal by video, telling his comrades that he is alive. His crewmate Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain, “Interstellar”) leads Mitch Henderson (Sean Bean, “Lord of the Rings” series), Beth Johanssen (Kate Mara, “Iron Man 2”) and Chris Beck (Sebastian Stan, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”), as they prepare to return for their friend.

“The Martian” storyline has a very heavy Sci-Fi element, while trying to appeal to both scientific and logical minds, as survival in the desolate land of Mars without any natural resources will prove difficult. Watney’s every move will have viewers wondering whether his attempts to stay alive will prove successful.

The movie’s cinematography reveals the desolate, barren land of Mars. The flying rocks and debris during the devastating storm fly onto the screen, as Watney is knocked over and sent flying back.

The film’s director, Ridley Scott, is a veteran in the Sci-Fi genre. He also directed movies “Alien” (1979) and “Blade Runner” (1982), both of which won two Oscars each.

“The Martian” will be released Oct. 2 and is rated PG-13.

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