Construction projects continue


Construction projects around campus are expected to continue through the current school year and into the next.

Multiple campus projects are continuing from last year, including updates to C-Building and the Guidance Office, changes to Ken Davis Field, and the installation of an elevator in B-Building.

With the changes being made to the field, sports and other activities will be moved to other locations for the rest of the school year.

Practice for football has been moved to other campus areas and to Don Bosco Tech. Home games for all levels are being played on Montebello High School’s Heaman Field.

“It feels strange not having our own field to play home games at,” said Marcos Gallo, JV football player. “However, we’re not letting this affect us, and we’re trying to do our best.”

Other events, including field sports, are scheduled to take place in different locations off campus. Locations of these events are to be determined by advisers and coaches.

“Overall, marching band is trying to work around the lack of available space,” said senior Gabriel Macias, band member. “It’s a bit hard for us to try to adapt to the changes, but we’re trying our best.” 

The total cost of projects is expected to be over $3 million and is being completed by private contractors hired by the district.

“We are expecting the construction to be completed towards the end of the school year,” said Rene Muñoz, plant supervisor. “We do know that immediately after the completion of all the construction, we are going to put all the facilities to use.”

The construction efforts are part of the school-wide modernization that began in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act, which sets standards and regulations for public facilities to provide accessibility to those with special needs.

“We are trying to finish all projects as quickly as possible,” said Muñoz. “The main focus of the contractors is trying to finish on time.”


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