Annual club rush to be held


To promote student interaction and involvement in the school community, the annual Club Rush will be held Sept. 30 during lunch in the quad.

The event will include booths, posters and flyers representing the different clubs to advertise and attract students. 

Club officers will be at their booths and can explain or answer questions about the club, activities and how to join.  Students can leave their contact information so they can be notified by club officers of the first meeting.

“I enjoy the fact that it’s now become a tradition here, and how students are reminding me about it because they like it so much.  Every year it gets better and stronger,” said Peter Murashige, director of activities and finance.

Students can join a variety of groups, including Amateur Astronomy Club, Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC), Do Something, Gentlemen’s Association, Girls’ League, Green Earth, Interact, Key Club, Pi Club, Plant Posse, Skills USA, Toms Club and Youth Community Service (YCS).

“One thing I like about Club Rush is the excitement.  Go when it first starts; everyone is happy,” said Cesar Rios, USB president.

Students are encouraged by counselors to join one or more clubs. They offer leadership experiences, involvement in school and the community, learning opportunities and student interactions.

“I’m interested in going and joining a club; it’s a fun way to be involved in school.  I would like to join BASIC and Speech and Debate,” said Jayce Gomez, freshman.

Clubs usually meet once a week during lunch or nutrition.  In that time, students sign in and learn of upcoming events. Once a month, Intercouncil will inform clubs of schoolwide events.  Officers can make plans and develop fundraising ideas for their club.

“I feel excited to get new members.  It’s important to teach them how to help the earth,” said Irene Chen, president of Green Earth Club.

To start a new club, students must have the idea approved by Intercouncil and Murashige, find an adviser, record minutes of meetings and have club officers.

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Photo by CORY CHEN

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