Sport games strike shelves


Succeeding their smash series, NBA 2k16 and FIFA 16 return in late September with brand new updates and features to extend their sports legacies.

Heir to its 2015 counterpart, NBA 2k16 offers several new improvements. Features include new designs and customizations, including several tattoos and haircuts. Along with this, the game boasts cleaner, clearer graphics, as with every new update, and new player interactions, including the ability to interact with fans and photobomb virtual reporters.


“The game [NBA 2k16] will be a lot more realistic than in the past years, because of the gameplay updates,” said sophomore Surya Ram. “Height restrictions within the customizable options of character creation will make the game more fun, fair and balanced, and really raise my expectations.”

The game also features several of the series’ past features, such as Classic teams and  “my” features, the most popular being the story mode, MyCareer, in which the player begins as a high schooler who slowly transitions into the NBA. A new soundtrack is included featuring 50 songs in six playlists and the ability for players to customize their own playlists.

Along with NBA 2k16, FIFA will also be released with new features, however they will be minimal. Most updates improve graphics and create a smoother interface for the player, displaying more realistic fan interactions. Its most anticipated feature is the ability to use female players and female national teams. Updates include several new stadiums and a training mode to develop each player individually.


“I think FIFA 16 will be a lot more competitive than FIFA 15,” said junior Jocelyn Fierros. “The improved gameplay will make the game more skill based and might make the game harder, but it will definitely be more fun.”

Both games will also feature online multiplayer capabilities where players can challenge friends and other players with teams and select different athletes for a customizable experience.

These titles will be available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The new FIFA 16 will feature mobile capabilities for both iOS and Android and will be released on Sept. 22, while NBA 2k16 will be released Sept. 29. Both games will retail at $59.99.

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