Hoverboards bring a new take on transportation


Making its way into mainstream media, the hoverboard has grown in popularity as a unique form of personal transportation.

Made popular by celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, the hoverboard, or Hands Free Segway, according to Stute.com has captured the world with its unique form of travel.  Controlled by tilting the feet, the hoverboard offers an effortless yet efficient way of getting around.

“I like the hoverboard; it’s different and has its own style to it,” said Jordon Jew, junior. “It is not something you see every day.”

With speeds of up to 12 mph, the hoverboard is able to carry up to 300 pounds and can travel 9 to 14 miles with a single charge, according to hov-board.com. Providing an alternative to walking and running, it allows the user to go from point A to B without breaking a sweat, according dailymail.co.uk.

The hoverboard is intended to revolutionize and create a new form of transportation for urban and suburban living according to Maxx Yellin, co-founder of phunkeeduck.com, the original hoverboard company.

“It is definitely different and cool and I could see it evolve into something much better than what it already is right now,” said Luis Castanon, junior.

As its popularity on social media rises, different companies have been cashing in on the hoverboard craze. Keeping the general design, companies are building their own versions of the hoverboard by making little tweaks such as different motors or material to make it unique.

Prices for the hoverboard vary depending on the company. PhunkeeDuck hoverboards cost around $1,500 but companies such as MonoRover and LEERAY Brand offer the boards at a more affordable price of around $400 to $500. 

The hoverboard offers a simple and unique transportation solution, without waiting or walking for those who are financially stable and looking for a new way to get around.

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