PSAT free for all sophomores


Changes in the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) have prompted the school board to allow all sophomores to take the PSAT for free, on Oct. 14.

This year’s updated three year LCAP, developed by the Local Education Agency (LEA), has identified a need to provide all sophomores with access to the PSAT to support SAT success for college and career readiness. As a result of this, sophomores will have access to specialized learning plans determined by the PSAT test results.

“This opens the door to students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the test, and may miss potential college opportunities,” said Principal Francisco Arregui.

The district has set aside funding of 120,000 dollars, with 50,000 dollars given by Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) grants.

“It’s better than taking it [PSAT] on a Saturday because it’s more convenient. It’ll encourage a lot more people to take the PSAT, and be ready of the SAT,” said Joey Araiza, sophomore.

Along with the district’s 10th graders, all 8th graders in the district will be part of a pilot test for the PSAT, which will have no additional cost to the district.

“Making the PSAT available to all students in the MUSD is taking the first step to encouraging students to enroll in college,” said Mitchell Saisho, sophomore, “Overall, the students will be a lot more successful because they were able to take the PSAT.”

The PSAT will be given on a block schedule day, to provide adequate time for the administration of the test.

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