Student snack stops



With the school year starting and friends reconnecting after a summer apart, the opportunity arises for students to spend time together after school. Following are some locations suggested by the Entertainment Team at the Spartan Scroll for friends to enjoy together.



Offering quality in an unusual location, Bobaday is a boba shop with a wide variety of drink options and an atmosphere offered by no other boba site in Montebello. 

Found in a unique location, Bobaday is located in the back of a laundromat. However, this does not downgrade the quality of the café.

Bobaday offers the typical drinks found at most Asian cafes, however its specials are quite remarkable.  The Jamaica Slush has a consistently light, sweet tropical flavor and the Mangonada has a strong chamoy taste that complements the sweet mango in the mix. Taro milk tea with boba is suggested for those looking for a smooth sweet flavor with chewy boba.

Bobaday’s interior consists of their store counter, a single table and the rest of the laundromat. This setting creates the essence of a calm and slow afternoon with the gentle rumble of washers and dryers adding to the unique harmony of the store.

The shop can be found on 888 N. Garfield Ave right across from J&S.

2. J&S

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Offering a wide variety of classic American and Mexican platters, J&S presents itself as a very suitable diner for an afterschool snack with friends.

Building on the basic fast food restaurant menu, J&S offers an assortment of sandwiches, Mexican dishes, hot dogs and burritos. Some of its more unique options include fries with guacamole or taquito dogs. Available beverages include horchata, pina colada and Hi-C fruit punch, in addition to a soda fountain. Items on the menu are very affordable, and generally within a $3-5 price range, and come in satisfying portions.

Arcade games and a jukebox infuse the diner with an ‘old-school’ vibe. In addition to an indoor eating area, J&S provides customers with tables along with a convenient outdoor service window and the option to order meals to-go.

Open 24 hours a day, J&S is located at 887 N. Garfield Ave just off the Pomona freeway.

3. iTech Pizza


Creating a delightful relaxing experience while provide inexpensive delicious food, iTech Pizza creates an ideal afterschool meeting spot for any student.

iTech Pizza boasts an incredibly fast 70 megabytes/second Wi-Fi, allowing for speedy downloads and the capability to virtually multitask anything on a smartphone or laptop. Along with this, the restaurant features several large TV’s that generally show recent or live sports games.

Though iTech has a large leisure appeal, the restaurant’s main focus is their unlimited toppings pizza. With over 20 toppings to choose from (meats, vegetables, cheeses and sauces), iTech provides an endless hunger of combinations with affordable prices. A 9-inch pizza costs $7.65 and a 12-inch costs $10.88. Chicken wings, salads, desserts and boba are also available.

iTech Pizza is located at 2575 Via Campo, down Wilcox Ave, directly next to Jamba Juice.

4. The Daily Brew


Whether it’s for the smooth flavor of coffee or the calming environment, The Daily Brew has something for all. 

The Daily Brew offers a variety of refreshing drinks, including both tea and smoothies. From frappuccino to latte and green tea to Abuelita, the café has a flavor for everyone to enjoy. They also sell baked goods, such as cream cheese-filled danishes, blueberry muffins and croissants. Other meal-like items include sandwiches, soups and fresh salads. 

The Daily Brew’s vibe is set by is their beautiful paintings displayed throughout the cafe. Various flat screen TVs and couches also build the mood. The ambiance gives a relaxing feeling.

The Daily Brew is located in Montebello Downtown Plaza, 137 N. Montebello Blvd.

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