Pep rally kicks off the school year


Students are encouraged to attend the second pep rally tomorrow to raise school spirit for the football game, against the El Monte Lions at 7 p.m. at Montebello.

The first pep rally was held Aug. 28 in the amphitheater during nutrition.

All students were invited to attend the rally, and encouraged to wear green to show school spirit. Teachers of some freshmen classes brought them to the amphitheater a few minutes before nutrition.

With Marching Band, Drill, Dance and Cheer starting the rally, the students crowded in and around the amphitheater.

“I really need the freshmen to step up and show school spirit!” shouted Pep Commissioner Christa Martinez.

Representatives from all grades participated in a contest to find a piece of gum in the plate of whipped cream. Next was the game where students tried to shake Ping-Pong balls out of an empty tissue box.

The rally ended with a screaming contest, which seniors won.

 “It was like any other rally, but we just wanted new students, especially freshmen, to join in and see how fun they actually are.” said Judy Liang, USB cabinet member.

While they were marching away, member continued to play “Taco Mambo.”

“ Freshmen are the roots of the school, so we really hope that this rally inspired everyone to create even more school spirit,” said Director of Student Activities Peter Murashige.

Students are encouraged to cheer on their classmates and participate in the games planned for future rallies.


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