Honda to leave legacy, take on new position at district office


Even though her time as principal is coming to an end, Stacey Honda will always be a Spartan at heart.

Honda is an alumna who graduated in 1979. While in high school, Honda was a four-year starter on the girls’ basketball team and Girls State representative.
While in college, she took a part-time job working in an office and soon realized that she wanted to work with people. She wanted to make a significant difference in others’ lives.
“Originally, I wanted to become a physical therapist, and somehow I ended up in the education field,” said Honda. “It worked out because my job is a combination of helping others while having interactions with them.”
After being an assistant coach for a year, Honda received her teaching credentials. She applied for a position as a PE teacher and started working at Schurr in 1984.
She had never really thought about becoming a part of the administration. She continued to take classes to receive additional credentials. After receiving her administrative credentials, she was asked by the principal at the time, Terrance Devney, to apply for the project director position and was selected for the job.
The following year, Devney again urged Honda to apply for another position, that of Assistant Principal.
“When he first asked me, I said ‘no.’ I had just finished my first year as project director and was still getting used to it,” expressed Honda. “But I eventually applied anyway.”
Following multiple years as Assistant Principal, she later became principal at Jack F. Macy Intermediate School in 2006. She returned to Schurr as Principal in November 2008.
“I love the fact that I get to work with students and learn about their stories and backgrounds,” said Honda. “It’s rewarding to see them grow up, because time flies.”
She is completing her final year as principal and will now serve as the Assistant Director of 6-12 Secondary Education at the district office, where she hopes to bring a new perspective.
“Over the years, I got to know Ms. Honda and I learned that she was somebody who cares for not only the students and teachers, but also for the staff that might not always get recognized,” said Aurora Kalmar, school secretary.
Honda will carry the values that she has learned to her new position, working to make a difference in others’ lives.
Stacey Honda

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