Construction to continue through summer break


With the school year coming to end, construction throughout the campus will continue during the summer break and into the next school year.

During the break, summer school will be in session alongside the construction efforts. Classrooms will be assigned in buildings not affected by construction.

“Before, we had C-Building, but we are not going to be able to access that,” said Stacey Honda, principal. “We are just going to have to work around it.”

Buildings not affected include A-Building and B-Building, where work occurred earlier in the school year. Renovations on the buildings included new tiles and repainting of rooms.

The third floor of C-Building and the library will undergo construction during the summer, with work that was held off during of the regular school year. Work includes new doors in C-Building and a new carpet in the library.

While there were renovations on the first and second floors of C-Building, construction on the third floor of was postponed due to complications with science and art classes situated on the floor, as well as scheduling conflicts. Teachers and classrooms on the first two floors were able to be moved for construction, but those on the third were unable to do so because of ongoing labs.

“I couldn’t move certain people out,” said Honda. “They were working around our schedule, and I am working around theirs.”

Further construction efforts include the addition of an elevator, which has yet to begin. Once completed, it will be added to B-Building.

“The project about putting in an elevator is still going on,” said Honda. “It has been in phases because they worked around our testing and school schedule.”

The construction efforts are part of the schoolwide modernization that began in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act, which sets standards and regulations for public facilities to provide accessibility to those with special needs.

Construction began with both B-Building and C-Building in November, and the completion of all projects of the district-wide effort is expected take approximately 508 days.

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