“We Care for Youth” Program mentors students


Awarding at least $2,000 in scholarships to chosen participants, the Shops at Montebello offered high school students the “We Care for Youth” program to prepare them to enter the work force.

The program, taught by Schurr High School teacher Kenneth Seto and Applied Technology Center Principal Sterling Schubert, is in its fifteenth year.

“We Care for Youth” is a joint venture between the Shops at Montebello, the Montebello Unified School District and Montebello city officials.

“I love to work with students that are ready and committed to make a change in their lives,” said Seto, “Seeing them grow in such a short time is extremely rewarding.”

The program’s goal is to help students identify their talents, build their confidence and learn skills that will ease them into the work place.

“The program taught me a lot of independence and responsibility,” said senior participant Adam Ramirez. “I had to dress formally, arrive on time and have a proper presentation, just as if it were an actual job.”

The program, created and tailored to fit the needs of the school district and the city, offers students mock interviews and workshops during its two-hour running time.

“I feel that the program has helped me enhance my understanding of how to present my most valuable qualities,” said Nicholas Martin, senior participant.

The program’s classes were held at the Shops at Montebello April 15-30. The program ended with a culmination dinner and awards ceremony.

“My favorite part of the program was when one of our meetings was held at the Camino Credit Union, and we were given financial and credit advice,” said Martin. “It was really interesting and gave me insight on becoming financially independent.”

The “We Care for Youth” program will begin again next year in April.

“The program gave a pretty good impression of what having a job is like,” said Ramirez. “I would recommend it to any student looking for job advice or employment.”

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