Prom sails on private yacht



Prom will be on the Inspiration Hornblower Yacht in Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach, May 22.

Tickets are currently on sale for $110 but prices increase to $120 May 14. May 22 is a regular schedule school day. Arrivals can board the yacht at 7 p.m.,  and the boat will leave promptly at 8 pm.

“This year we wanted to get away from the club like theme of last year’s prom, so we decided on a more elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, almost along the lines of The Great Gatsby,” said 2016 USB class secretary Madisen Yasuda.

The yacht will have three different levels with varying music and amusement on each floor. The bottom level where the guests will enter contains the Photo Booths and Sanford Studio pictures.

Dinner will be served on the middle floor, which also includes the main dance floor and DJ.

The top level will have lounge furniture and R&B music playing.

“Each floor is going to have a different vibe and feel to it, but the top floor will have a more calm and relaxing feeling,” said class president Destinee Moya.

Nominations for Prom king and queen have ended, and voting for the top five nominees will occur. Final voting, along with the coronation, will be held at Prom.

“I feel like this year’s prom, to put it simply, is different,” said Moya. “Besides the location not being your typical venue, the atmosphere and elegance of it all is different from previous proms we have had in past years.”

Prom organizers have been fundraising this year to make tickets more affordable for students.

All the money raised from shirt sales, grams and dance tickets from the past year have been used to pay for amenities, such as the photo booth and decorations.

“I’m really happy we have been able to fundraise and acquire sponsors, because it has allowed us to make Prom less expensive,” said junior Owen Escamilla.

Class of 2016 generates no profit from the event. Revenue from ticket sales goes toward reimbursement for costs of the event planning company and the venue.

“We decided on ‘Take Back The Night,’ which are lyrics from a song by Justin Timberlake because we felt the lyrics epitomize what we hope Prom ends up being,” said Moya. “Every little detail about this year’s prom has been thought and planned out to ultimately create something different and amazing.”

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