STAFF EDITORIAL: Gaining experience, responsibility



One of the main hallmarks of adolescence is the gradual assumption of responsibility.

In order to become more mature, we need to gain experience, most of which comes from the advice or model of adults in our lives. Parents give us new tasks, we learn skills, such as how to drive. Additionally, adults show us valuable skills, such as how to communicate and work with others. Practicing these may seem like simple steps, but they are essential in working towards maturity. Despite the clear importance of taking on responsibilities, there are times when it seems many people do not do so, which can lead to dangerous oversights.

Recent stories of hit-and-run car accidents fill us with shock and horror, as we wonder how such things can occur. These occurrences show a lack of maturity and responsibility, which runs contrary to basic humanity. While we may not commit such actions, many of us do neglect schoolwork, household chores and shirk responsibilities. Doing so leads many elders to question our motives and actions, when many of us are in error.

When we have proven our maturity, mainly by demonstrating our trustworthiness and resolve through passing driving tests, working in and passing classes, we can be seen as responsible members of the community. The best way to show we are becoming as self-reliant as adults is to be mature in our words and, more importantly, in our actions and the way we present ourselves to others.


It may seem difficult at first, but we need to focus on our goals. The future is never certain, and our lives can seem burdened with tasks and chores that may seem pointless now. However, these tasks together benefit us, as they help build our strength and form content of character, preparing us for the trials of the future.

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