Board games go mobile


Classic board games are now available in the form of mobile apps that enhance the players’ experience and game play.

The classic board game Monopoly has an app version created by EA Games, priced at $1 on iOS and $2 on Android. The app keeps track of everyone’s belongings and movement for the user. The app also has three-dimensional graphics that enhance the detail in which the characters move. With its multiplayer capabilities, players can compete against other people with the app or casually play against a computer.

“I enjoy the mobile version of Monopoly because it is a lot more organized than playing the actual version on cardboard. It makes the game proceed faster,” said Senior Michael Melkonian.

Most of the apps manage most of the game’s progress without any trouble for the user. Along with the reduced amount of time normally required to set up the board game, users will not have to worry about losing pieces of the game.

“Mobile board games are better alternatives to their original versions because you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting the game up and cleaning it up afterwards,” said sophomore Bryan Rojas. “I can play Scrabble now without worrying about losing pieces of the game.”

The mobile board game apps are mainly downloaded because of their easy access and freedom to play whenever the customer wants. Players can compete against the computer or connect online to face another player.

“Whenever I feel bored, I just open the Backgammon app on my phone and start facing some computers,” said sophomore Jared Buckhorn. “The board games are easily accessible and it is there if I am ever in the mood.”

The Scrabble app, also by EA Games, is available on iPad, Android and iPhone. With the app, users can instantly start a game with another player with a single touch. It also allows the user to have multiple games at once. The app has a chat where players can talk to their friends or opponents while competing against them. The mobile game also has the “teacher feature” where it shows the highest-scoring combination of letters.

Customization is another advantage of mobile board game apps that is sometimes available. In Monopoly, the set winning conditions can be changed to anyone’s preference. In Scrabble, background music can be changed to songs that the user would favor. Also, the game play can be adjusted to users’ needs.

With most of the classic board games now available on mobile devices, users are now able to enjoy board games wherever they go.

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