Girls’ League hosts ‘Sadies Goes Safari’



Continuing its long-held tradition, Girls’ League will host its annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, themed “Sadies Goes Safari” April 24 in the quad from 7-11 p.m.

Tickets are available for purchase for $7 from Girls’ League members, in Rooms A-6 and D-4 and will be sold for $8 at the door.

Students can also bring guests who do not attend Schurr with a guest pass available in Rooms A-6 and D-4.

“We continue to hold Sadies every year because it is a tradition of Girls’ League,” said President Kristi Kayoda. “It’s been a privilege to be a part of planning it.”

In addition to a DJ, the dance will also feature a photo booth for students and guests.

Refreshments and food, such as soda and tacos, will be also available for purchase. Prices for the photo booth, refreshments and food are currently pending.

“It’s one of the most important events we do all year,” said Kayoda. “It’s cool to see people have fun and enjoy something we worked so hard to plan.”

Like past Sadie Hawkins dances, girls are encouraged to follow the tradition of asking their dates to the dance.

“It’s the only dance where the girl is supposed to ask a guy,” said Kayoda. “A lot of its [dance’s] current popularity is owed to Ms. Chu and her Girls’ League officers of 2012-13. They changed the reputation of Sadie Hawkins.”

Guests are encouraged to dress according to the theme and to match with their dates.

“It’s one of the biggest fundraisers for Girls’ League,” said member Marisa Orozco. “Preparing for the dance is like a bonding session with other club members.

To create decorations for the dance, Girls’ League members held poster-painting sessions after school and during the weekends in the MPR.

Members completed about 30 posters to fully surround and decorate the quad.

“It [dance] allows us to work with other members we don’t know well,” said Raelene Alvarez McDermott, co-vice president. “It’s great to see people having fun and to know we put that on.”


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