Staff Editorial: Fighting fear to make connections


As we rush through our lives, it becomes easy for us to disconnect ourselves from those outside the “bubble” that surrounds us, made up of our friends and like-minded acquaintances.

We are afraid to forge new friendships or bonds of trust because we are often afraid of change. These fears invite passiveness, as we are so engaged in our close-knit lives that we are not befriending new or lonely students or standing up for those who are unable to defend themselves.

Our world has become dramatically interconnected, due to the far-reaching capabilities of the Internet. Stories about events from Oklahoma to Peru reach our phones mere minutes after they occur. Becoming more informed about the world and community we live in will help us become better citizens and promote better understanding of others.

Our success in the real world is dependent upon the connections we make—especially with bosses and coworkers. It is imperative that we begin making these valuable connections, forming bonds with people who can help us become more informed. Being willing to step outside our comfort zones to learn about topics we do not usually pursue as well as exploring the opinions of those with opposing points of view, to learn about ideas we previously have been aware of, is an invaluable skill. Putting this concept into practice will be hard at first, but the rewards for doing so are far-reaching.

We should also focus on those close to us. As we move towards adulthood, we should spend more time with our families and pay attention to siblings and parents. We may not see them as often in coming years, as many of us will move out or go away to college after high school. Small moments of appreciation and diversion are essential for realizing what should be our true priority in life: the people with whom we surround ourselves.

Everything in our lives is somehow connected: ideas, people and stories. Taking time to be curious and explore some of these connections while forming lasting memories will help improve ourselves and become more adaptable to the world we live in.

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