CSF to host ninth Academic Development Day on Feb. 21

           by SHARON PHU & SASKIA SANI

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) will host its ninth annual Academic Development Day entitled “The Rush” Feb. 21 from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. on campus.

“It’s a concept— the conference— not many people expect. I can tell you that in the past, every student was inspired by some part of the conference. We’ve never had students regret their attendance,” said CSF Adviser Michael Kim.

Students, whether members of CSF or not, are encouraged to participate in the event. Students from different high schools and the middle schools have also been invited to join.

“We try to make it as inclusive as possible,” said Kim.

The general registration fee is $20. Money will be collected by CSF officers or can be given directly to Kim in Room C-202. The deadline to pay is Feb. 18.

At registration, those attending will sign in, receive a name tag and schedule, and decide on three seminars to attend. There will be several seminars offered during each of the three session time slots, giving attendees a choice. Seminars on a variety of topics will be offered, such as one especially for freshmen and one for seniors.

Various teachers, alumni and friends of the school will speak at the seminars. The range of speakers include Carrie Cunningham, yearbook adviser and teacher; Eugene Harris, Monterey Park police captain; David Lebow, retired teacher; and Sterling Schubert, principal at the ATC.

“It’s a great way to see a different side to the teachers on our campus. They all have great insight and unique experiences that students can benefit from,” said CSF President Cassandra Dinh

Some CSF officers will also present seminars.

A continental breakfast will be served upon arrival. After registration, an opening ceremony will begin with keynote speaker Brian Weissenberg, Schurr alumnus. Two seminar sessions will be held following the opening ceremony.

Lunch will be served following the first two sessions, while the third session will be held after lunch. The closing ceremony will take place in the auditorium.

“When we had done this our first year, I’d wanted kids to feel a sense of pride that they’d attended a conference of this nature, one that’s edifying and inspirational,” said Kim. “Professionals often attend scholarly conferences. This is just something that professionals do— seek out knowledge and personal growth.”

Mementos, such as pens and water bottles, will be given to those attending Academic Development Day.


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