Cherishing valuable moments


As the holidays approach, we rush towards the end of the year, forgetting to put things into perspective to cherish valuable moments we share with loved ones.

Time has wrought changes as the beginning of a new year approaches. Due to overbearing responsibilities and the holidays’ frenetic pace, many of us have forgotten the true meaning of the holidays and their significance. We often live in the moment, failing to see past the weekend; but by looking at the long-term, we reflect more upon our actions and can focus on what the future holds in store.

In reflection, we should not forget how important our family members are. Older relatives have valuable advice from their years of life and experiences, allowing us to learn important lessons and morals from their stories. In addition, we should pay attention to younger members of our families. Spending time with “little ones,” whether through playing a board game or singing a song, can teach us important lessons about empathy. Through our interactions with loved ones, we are able to renew special ties and strengthen bonds with others, mending relationships that have fallen apart through the hectic year.

As we prepare to receive presents and spend time with those we love, it is important to remember that the spirit of the season lies in giving gifts and appreciating their significance. It is better to give than to receive; in giving, we are able to bond with the recipient in a truly heartfelt, marvelous way.

We have become preoccupied with worries and duties to our families, friends and teachers as the year has gone by. However, we must remember to truly appreciate every moment we have; as soon-to-be adults, we will have to face even greater tasks than the ones we have now. By forgetting to be empathetic and caring for loved ones, we risk forgetting the overall spirit of amity that the holidays provide.


  1. The holidays are a time of celebration! Never forget that!
  1. I have been rushing and stressing out over too many responsibilities these past few months! I should appreciate the holidays and relax more.
  1. Note to Self: Pay attention to family members more—play with little siblings and listen to my older relatives’ stories. They can teach me a lot about feelings and experience and can also give lots of advice!
  1. Remember: It is more blessed to give than to receive. We can bond in so many ways by giving gifts and appreciating their significance.
  1. Stop living in the moment, Sammy! You hardly ever see beyond the weekend, but by looking at the long-term, you can reflect more and create a plan for your future.
  1. Remember to always put things in perspective. What may worry you now may seem like nothing in a few weeks. Always prioritize!
  1. Overall, 2015 should be a year of change and reflecting. I should refocus my thoughts, emphasize friendships and appreciate every moment I have here.


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