Board games never leave kids bored


Even with today’s modern emphasis on technology-dependent entertainment, board games continue to bring fun and joy to all.

Innovations in technology over the years have changed the way people interact through games. The arrival of computers and game consoles may be more popular, but classic board games were the first to introduce this type of social activity.

“Board games provide me with an experience to enjoy quality time with my family and friends,” said Francisco Quirarte, senior. “Other games just have more of an adrenaline feeling than the friendly competitive feeling you get with board games.”

According to, board games originated in Egypt before spreading to other areas such as Rome and the Mediterranean.

Different uses and variations of these games developed from place to place, such as in Egypt, where early forms of board games were used for diplomatic purposes amongst elites. Board games were also used for religious purposes, according to

Many modern games have been derived from ancient games, such as Backgammon. The Royal Game of Ur, which also happens to be the first board game to be recorded in history, was similar to modern backgammon, according to

Other examples include Chutes and Ladders, which is believed to be derived from the ancient Indian board game Vaikuntapaali, or leela. Tic-Tac-Toe is based on the game Nine Men’s Morris, according to Chess, which is also from India, is said to be the successor of the skill and strategy game, Chaturanga,

Whether they are from the past or the present, board games bring participants a sense of joy, not only from the game itself but also from the social interactions the games require.

“I find board games to be good because they’re portable and enough to keep a lot of people occupied,” said Solon Tan, sophomore, “I’m able to laugh and enjoy playing with all my friends in a convenient way.”

Although technology changes the way many entertain themselves, it is far from bringing an end to the classic board games people continue to enjoy.

“Video games maybe more popular, but board games are just as competitive and exciting,” said Nayelli Nevarez, sophomore. “It’s different when the people you play with are right in your face and not on a screen.”

Board games are still enthusiastically played around the world, even with growing dependence on technology-based entertainment.

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