Used items find renewed value in Montebello Goodwill


Montebello’s new Goodwill store appeals to thrift shoppers by offering a multitude of products at affordable prices.

The establishment opened in late September and is located on 820 W. Beverly Blvd., in the corner of the Montebello Mart Shopping Center by Rite Aid.

“The Goodwill was brought to Montebello because we felt there wasn’t one close enough, and the property is basically empty any time other than Halloween when they set up the costume shop for the holiday,” said Gina Madren, Goodwill manager.

A majority of the items sold are women’s apparel, but the store also sells men’s wear, shoes, purses, books, vinyl covers and records.

“Most of the items are good quality; however, when I went there, the clothes racks were pretty disorganized, but I would still go back and buy books because they have good books for decent prices,” said senior Meztli Soliz.

The store is unlike others within the organization; while many Goodwill stores color-code their items, the Montebello Goodwill organizes items by quality with labels such as “fair,” “good” or “great.” Pricing starts from $1.79 and goes up to $24.99.

“I like the fact that I can go get things such as clothes or books at a much cheaper price at Goodwill rather than the same thing for a more expensive price at regular stores,” said sophomore Luis Castanon-Delgado. “I remember I got this one Abercrombie shirt at Goodwill for about $5 and I know it would usually cost at least $20 [elsewhere].”

Goodwill’s prices allow thrift shoppers to stay within their budgets, while keeping updated on the latest fashion trends.

“When I go thrift shopping, I usually budget myself, and if I find something expensive that I like in a retail store, I go look around to thrift stores to see if it’s cheaper,” said sophomore Illyana Gonzalez-Gomez. “Another thing I do is clean out my closet after I thrift [shop], because I don’t want to repurchase similar clothes or buy my own clothes again.”

Items sold in the store are donations received from throughout surrounding communities. The items are then sent to centralized production in Los Angeles where they are sorted and priced.

Goodwill is a non-profit organization; money from store sales funds programs that help young adults through mentorships, jobs and worksource centers. There is also a program for kids and another that helps house veterans.

Goodwill in Montebello is open Sunday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Thursday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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